Clearing the way for who you're becoming.

Hi. I'm Hailey, a remote executive assistant for entrepreneurs.

This is the part of the website where I'm supposed to list all the stuff I can do.

But this isn’t about me. It’s about you.

It’s  about you finally  having enough time to pioneer a new solution for your customers.

It’s about having the bandwidth to make your direct reports feel supported during a challenging sprint.

It’s about being rested enough to be kind to your spouse & present with your children.

It’s about what you can achieve with enough space to make  regular progress on mission critical projects.

This is about your ability to be more.

More available.

More generous.

More accomplished.


With this type of leverage, who can you become?


 If you're looking for cheap labor to do menial tasks, sorry, you won't find that here.

If you're looking for someone to come along side you, help you save time and give you valuable insight, give me a shout!

Hailey’s input is incredibly valuable. Thank you for being amazing! I would not be at this point in my career today without your help.
— Hollie Landaverde, Private Listing House